1. John Sanders
    2. Paul Gleaton
    3. Gary Ambrose
    4. William Nelson
    5. Ross Ward
    6. Wilbert T Watson
    7. Ron Knur
    8. Scott Hinton
    9. Lindsay Stevenson 
    10. William Isbel
    11. Curtis Hinkley
    12. William Owens
    13. Burrette Andrews
    14. James Hunter
    15. Kevin Smith
    16. Brian Knowles
    17. Keith Overstreet
    18. Jim Elliott
    19. Peter Lin
    20. Paige Terryberry
    21. Herb Carobine
    22. Jake London
    23. David Repanshek
    24. Brad Knowles   
    25. Brian Erickson
    26. Skip Marlowe 
    27. Steve Lawrence
    28. Jordan Dornan
    29. Elvin Small
    30. Eric Dobson
    31. Joe Staten

Two lists are maintained. The ramp list includes those ramp tenants who would like a hangar and have been ramp customers for at least 120 days when a hangar becomes available. First option for the hangar will be given to those on the ramp list. If there is no one on the ramp list that meets that requirement then first person on the waiting list will be offered the hangar.

 If a hangar tenant sells their airplane to local buyer who wishes to base the airplane at ECG, then the hangar lease will transfer to the buyer at time of sale.